Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome To The Katrina Lee Medical Blog

I created The Katrina Lee Medical blog as a result of my friendship with Mrs. Cheryl Lee -  Katrina Lee's mother.

Katrina is in need of donations for medical treatment, medication and those expenses which come along with Mitochondrial Myopathy.

Katrina was employed when she received a medical diagnosis of Mitochondrial Myopathy from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Her diagnosis included doctor's orders which stated that Katrina could no longer work.  Katrina lives in South Carolina with her retired parents who are on a shoe string budget. 

COBRA was not an option - it was much too expensive with an income of ZERO DOLLARS and currently is not available to her. Katrina is without medical insurance and medical treatment is of utmost importance.  

Please make donations, no matter how large or small!!

~~Nancy Lockhart, M.J.

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