Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Katrina Lee's Journal - By Katrina Lee

Been up since 1:00 so excuse me if you see a lot of misspelled words. First giving honor of GoD without him I wouldn't be here. A lot has happen to me in this short span of two years my main purpose of me staying at this house so long was I wanted to take care of my parents through any sickness They had and i promised I would never let them end up in a nursing home now we all have to take care of each other those two have my heart and forever will, some days I don't have any energy and some days i do so u best believe i jump in my care when i feel it .I do I've been praying and I won't to learn more about this disease I have so I can be a advocate so many doctors and nurses haven't even heard of it .I get so bothered with people who say they are sick and have insurance but don't go ,Since I went from having jobs and benefits To nothing i get treated like crap in the medical field stop taking your health for a JOKE people shhhhid I skip most meds cause I don't have the green stuff call money to get them but god always find a way. But I'm never going to lose faith and hope cause clearly many many has it worse off than me cherish your life honor your parents and always put god before you.

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